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male listeners

For My Male Listeners | Ep #139

Most of my podcast episodes have been geared toward women who have experienced betrayal, but this one is for the men. First I address men

toxic independence

Toxic Independence | Ep #135

In a world that celebrates independence, it can seem like “weakness” to build relationships that require vulnerability. With “cancel culture” being rampant, it goes against

the full picture

Seeing the Full Picture | Ep #129

Sometimes we can use popular opinion against ourselves. We can listen to the opinions of others, rather than deeply searching our own hearts for what


A Spark of Desire | Ep #126

Do you often feel like you “should” try to stay after infidelity? Or maybe you feel pressure from others telling you to leave because, as

Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts | Ep #124

Do you struggle with intrusive thoughts? These are the ones that pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, and can derail your whole day. In this