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Winning Strategies

Winning Strategies | Ep #145

As a follow-up to episode #138, “Losing Strategies,” this episode will cover “Winning Strategies.” There are five skills that, when used (and practiced!!), can make

Keeping the Peace

Keeping the Peace | Ep #119

 How much pressure do you put on yourself to “Keep the Peace”? Maybe there are things you don’t say because you don’t want to

Bad Behavior

Excusing Bad Behavior | Ep #108

This episode is all about why we excuse bad behavior. Whether it be from our kids, spouse, co-workers, boss, etc., there are reasons we allow

Validation Dependency

Validation Dependency | Ep #96

Validation is something we all enjoy as humans. We want to feel connected, heard, and seen. For many of us though, especially if we were