Helping women make the decision to stay or go after infidelity in 90 days or less

You’re a smart, driven woman but can’t seem to decide one way or another on this one decision

You wait for something to happen that will make the decision easier

Your emotions are all over the place from day to day

You dread the future if nothing changes

You care about others’ opinions more than your own

You stopped trusting yourself

That’s all about to change

Welcome to Know in 90 where:

You’ll look forward to the future you are in charge of building

You’ll care more about what you think than what anyone else thinks

You’ll stop second-guessing yourself

You’ll stop being afraid of big emotions

You’ll have a clear vision of who you are on the other side of this decision and commit to her, no matter what

You will decide and move forward

You want peace. You want clarity. It is available to you now.

How would it feel to have the decision made?

How much brain space would it free up? To be fully committed without looking back? No more sleepless nights feeling like you are dying a slow death because you are so stuck. No more sitting on the fence. No more dread whenever you think about it.

You have waited long enough

My friend, I know where you are at.

I know how heavy this weighs on your heart and mind, and how much you want to get this decision right.

I too spent a whole lot of time in the in-between, desperately wanting to move forward with my life but knowing there was so much on the line. With a 16 year marriage and 6 kids in the mix, I couldn’t afford to get it wrong.

But once I committed to the decision, knowing in my bones that it was what I wanted, I cried tears of relief. The agony of indecision was over. I could finally move forward. And I know how to help you move forward too.

Imagine in 90 days…

"I felt heard, loved, supported, seen, cherished."

Do it! Whatever your fears or hesitation, take the leap and you will see that you are going to learn so much, and feel more supported than you ever have in this process! I was so worried about talking about my issues around other people, as I normally don’t do this. Now, I can’t imagine not sharing and supporting the women that I have come to love and trust! Andrea is the real deal. She can give you tools that will help you more than anything you have learned before. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I felt heard, loved, supported, seen, cherished.

Mandy L.

What you get:

1 new training a week

Each week you’ll have access to a training and worksheet that will help shift your thinking and clear your mind. The trainings are simple enough to implement immediately, but life-changing in how effective they are.

2 live coaching calls a week with Andrea and her coaches

Group coaching is like magic. In this space, not only do you get opportunities to be coached, but you get to watch other women just like you get the support they need. This can be even more effective than being coached yourself because you’ll be able to hear it from a more objective place.

Private Facebook group with other women who are as committed to moving forward as you are.

This is where you get to hang out with other courageous women who are just as tired of waiting around as you are. As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” In this space, we are doing both. Making decisions. Challenging your thinking. Having those tough conversations. Changing our own lives. Support from others going through the same thing cannot be overrated.

Private Podcast

We know you are busy and might not be able to make it to all the calls. That’s why there is a private podcast where all calls are loaded and you can listen at your leisure. This also ensures that you are immersed in the program. You can listen over and over as you implement new skills and tools. Immersion leads to change. 

You know you are meant for more.

You are successful in every other area of your life – yet this one part makes you feel like a failure. You know your indecision is robbing you of peace. It is TIME.

You will either gracefully leave the marriage, or go all in on the one you are in, no regrets.

Either way, you will come at the decision with love and strength. You will make this decision from the very best version of you who knows who she is, what she wants and uses her own values as a guide.

Either way, you will have guardrails set in place so that if your personal boundaries are crossed, you’ll know exactly what to do.

You matter. Your life matters. Don’t let the fear of what the answer will be keep you stuck for one minute more.

"Thank you for helping me to see my value and strength during a time when I felt so small."

From the bottom of my heart… Thank you. Thank you for helping me to see my value and strength during a time when I felt so small. Thank you for seeing and validating my tears and my pain, while simultaneously equipping me with the tools I needed to move to a better place. Thank you for giving me a community and pulling me out of self-imposed isolation as a result of shame. You have helped me more than you could possibly know.

Katie S.

Are you done waiting? Let’s go.

Move on to move forward.